If you are a parent/guardian and would like to create an account for your family, you only need 1 account for the entire family. (Example: a parent with 3 children will only need 1 account etc.). 

*Please note that a family account is a minimum of 1 parent/guardian and 1 minor. 2 adults with no child in a relationship must be set up separately as individual adult accounts.  

When you register for an account, please be sure to select the 'Parent/Guardian' option for your choice. If you are the parent/guardian, enter the parent's information in the name section (not your child's name). 

Please see this video below to assist you: 

After you have created your family account, you can add multiple children from your dashboard. Please see the video below to assist you: 

Please see the images below to assist as well: 

*If you accidentally put your child's name in the above field, this may be the reason you are unable to add them as a member below. The contact information should list the parent's name.*

Once this is complete, you can now add your child under 'add a member' during your registration. You can add multiple children to your account. 

You can fill out all the relevant information for your child as seen below: 

If you, the parent/guardian, are also a performer you may add yourself as a member under the account. Click on 'add a member' and navigate to 'adult member' at the top. There will be a tick box that states 'this profile is for the guardian' and this will allow you to create your own profile under the family account. 

If you have children who are between the ages of 15-17 under your account, there is an option to allow for that minor to manage their own profile under the parent/guardian's account. 

Once your family account has been created, it should look something like the below: 

If you have created an 18+ adult account and would like to convert to the parent/guardian family account, please contact us and we can change it on your behalf so you may add your children.