If you are trying to upload content onto our site but are running into issues it may be one of the following: 

1. You are using a browser that is not compatible. We recommend using GOOGLE CHROME or FIREFOX for all things CastingApp. If you are using Safari (or Edge), this may cause you many issues as Safari does not fully support our system right now. 

2. You are downloading content from another site and then uploading to ours. If it is images, the quality on other sites may not be high resolution. Our system allows for the original high resolution images. 

3. If you are uploading videos and see that the capacity is full, your videos may be too large. You can shrink this using Quicktime or you can always contact us to shrink the video without losing quality and we can upload it on your behalf. 

Please see the video below for more details: 

Please see this video for an example of how we uploaded media: 

You can upload all media (photos, videos, audio etc) in the 'media bin' section of your account by dragging content into the below square or clicking on it and a window will pop up to choose your media. 

Once you have uploaded your content, refresh your browser and click on 'profiles' to select what you'd like to be shown to your representatives. 

Please note that media is not automatically shown and content will need to be clicked on. All media that is uploaded is attached to your account. You can edit which agency can see which images in each of your profiles.