If you are a representative, there will be no membership fee to use our (CastingApp) system. 

Our system will always have a free plan for your talent. Any and all media added to your talent's account prior to January 31st, 2024 will stay grandfathered in and live on in their account. This means that if talent has added any media (photos, videos, audio) to their account, it will stay attached regardless of their membership type after January 1st, 2024.

Our system also has the added benefit of the below: 

  • Family Account for parents/guardians with at least 1 child: This will mean that if talent decides to upgrade their account to premium after January 31st, 2024, they will only need to pay the 1 monthly amount of $12/month for the whole family.
  • Talent do not need to be on the paid/premium membership account. Talent can opt to stay on the free plan.
  • Representatives will still be able to submit talent who are on either the free or premium plan.
  • The premium account will include the ability to upload unlimited media content at half the price of other systems.

If after January 31st, 2024 talent decides to add more media content to their account, they will be required to upgrade to our premium plan of $12/month.


We recommend all talent upload their media content now to take advantage of this special offer.